Hargita Ottó

I graduated from the school in 1980's studies at the School of Hospitality Professional Chef business. Already at that time he had his affection for the arts. At the time this satisfy my hunger for poetry reading and studying the paintings. I also tried to create. Watercolors and writing poems smaller and more success. For a time reserved for work and family. Thus, the only remaining sometimes awe and sometimes reading the verses. Tóth Árpád's poems feel close to myself. My favorite poem is already tired of it ... 
After a major turnaround came in the enterprise sector and so a new world opened up for me. It was true in the beginning but hard luck and success brought the recognition. 

When did you start taking pictures, what topics are you interested in photography? 

I managed to buy a digital camera and used to indulge in photography mysteries Around 2005-2006. The more I got involved in photography mysteries of the world opened before me. The initial work is not enough floral photos with it. I probed the boundaries and photography. Never enough with a topic, and I was looking for newer and newer opportunities and kihivásokat. From the street I saw men from shooting through the small wonders of nature in everything from flowers to challenge természetfotókig, macro photography. I always will care about it until I was almost satisfied with the results. The technological advances provide the opportunity a lot of people to take upon him the camera and start to create them as well. It made me inspired to not only settles the series, but uniqueness, its just typical of me to get to style. 

I present one of my photos of Digital Photo magazine, which previously dealt with appreciation and written about it. Afterword I observe that all this would not have succeeded without the support of my dear wife. In the background really helped me to do this now reach all of them. 

Ottó Hargita additional photos can be viewed at the following locations